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Training club night at Leahurst Equine Campus

Training at Leahurst Equine Campus

Finnegan Equine provided another training club night in Manual handling and fine hand skills at Leahurst Equine Campus for the final year students on Monday 7th December 2015. The class was oversubscribed and we are arranging another training session for early 2016.

Finnegan Equine demonstrated our manual handling techniques for safe use of hoof stands in routine work. This was using our training legs and feet to show how best to lower the strains involved when handling legs and feet.

We also gave fine hand skill training in the use of our safety loop knives, radius rasps and safety nippers.

It was a great success and the students enjoyed finding and relieving  the “stone bruises” and “thrush infections” hidden in their dummy feet.

Training equipment
Hoof stands, dummy feet, training legs, radius rasps, safety nippers, safety grooms loop pick/knife and prototype adjustable safety nippers with replaceable blades.

We will be posting the results of the student’s feedback survey on the class.

This year we have started offering our Manual handling and fine hand skills workshops to the different Colleges in the UK. We are targeting the colleges in the lower part of the UK first that offer equine vet/nurse/groom training courses. Our 2-hour classroom based course shows the Finnegan Techniques and students practice the safe use of our hoof stands using training legs. Our techniques and stands are proven to reduce by at least 70% the handler strain in even brief routine work and our training feet improve the fine hand skills required by grooms and students to safely inspect and treat feet to improve hoof health/fit competition studs.

Some of the colleges that we hope to be visiting in our first Finnegan Equine Training Spring Tour to provide this training are Warwickshire, Weston, Wiltshire, Herefordshire and Ludlow College, Oxford Brookes, Bristol University’s Langford Equine Centre and the RVC (Royal Veterinary College).

Would you like us to go to your College/Club and get a training night? Contact us to arrange a date.

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