Natural / Barefoot Option / Mustang roll trims

Natural / Barefoot Option / Mustang roll trims

It would be very foolish for anyone to think that ‘Barefoot Trimming’ is for anyone completely new to handling horses.

No one should go near a horse with cutting nippers if not under the supervision of a trained trimmer, farrier or qualified vet. No one would let an inexperienced person work with cutting clippers on their own ingrowing big toes.

Professional teamwork is required for any barefoot option to work well. Keeping it simple and using small safe steps over many months will be safe. Little and often is the proven way. You need to use your trimmer or farrier’s regular help and advice to keep your trimming under control and safe. This is the very best advice I can offer after a lifetime’s work at it from all sides.

Your experienced trimmer or farrier has worked in a demanding job, developing strength and great skill for many years and deserves respect. He or she is well placed to professionally advice and train you in the use of any maintenance kit.

My stand is designed to help you routinely achieve safer and more effective hoof care in all your animals, shod or not. A full or partly barefoot programme for your horse with your farriers help and advice is also a proven option for those willing to put the extra effort in.

Following guidance and using a team approach and the right equipment and tools, you will have the best chance to achieve a useful maintenance or barefoot program, that will work effectively for you, and your horse.

Commitment and patience is required.

You will have to have the patience to learn to safely carry out weekly / fortnightly light maintenance work. This is well proven to promote the best natural hoof possible.

In practice, based on my own experience, your trimmer or farrier will need to check your work regularly and carry out some heavier trimming and perhaps some training boot repair work every three or four months.