Hoof care

Hoof Care for all…

Time very very well spent , I believe it is second only to food and water in terms of importance for all horses. ‘No foot , no horse’  Jeremiah Bridges anatomist and farrier,1762 .

All owners owe their animals care and good hoof care is essential for any horse shod or not. Feet need to be kept from being over long to avoid trips and falls and in our climate and with our common breeds in the UK and Ireland they will grow at least 2 mm longer each week. The time taken to carry out good routine maintenance  hoof care effectively is always repaid many fold.

After a life time of experience I believe that the basic minimum training  requirement for any able bodied owner, handler , driver or rider from age 16  is for them to be able to pick their horse’s feet up and clean them out and have the time to properly check for stones, damage or infections and treating this or to know to report it before any ridding or driving work is done. My stand is a great help in this, it  allows the extra time with a big reduction in the handlers physical strain when carrying out  this very basic but important work.

Another essential hoof health enhancement in the summer months for all animals is for their  feet to be oiled regularly inside and out again my stand takes a lot of the strain out of this work.

Mares and foals need their feet  looked after regularly even between trimmers and farriers visits. Foals coming off their mothers,  yearlings and two year old’s all gain confidence quickly when my stand is used for light maintenance, and hoof handling training by experienced  handlers. My stand is invaluable for responsible owners wishing to give every one involved less stress when front shoes usually are fitted for the first time on most three year olds.

Fitting and removing jumping studs is made much less of a physical chore by using my stand as is removing a damaged half thrown shoe to help avoid further injury.

When travelling horses in boxs or lorries my stand is very easily broken down and  easily stored.