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Why it’s so important to pick your horses’ feet out regularly

Why it's so important to pick

Why it’s so important to pick your horses’ feet out regularly

Finnegan Equine St Patrick’s Visit

No foot … no horse!
Why vets and RSPCA welfare officers advice to check your horse feet before working your horses?

In this short clip, Finnegan Equine want to show you a real life example of why it is so important to check your horse feet before working them.k

Just last week, when everything looked fine at St Patrick’s Way Stables, groom Kelly saved Polly from serious injury!

Watch the video and see the full story of how Kelly helped Polly when she carefully picked Polly’s feet out!

The story of groom Kelly and Polly the pony.

Kelly jumped at the opportunity to learn how to check horses’ feet thoroughly and safely using a Finnegan stand.

In no time, Kelly felt confident and comfortable using the stand for checking Polly’s feet.

With the stand taking Polly’s weight, Kelly was able to take her time to clean all Polly’s feet thoroughly, using the Finnegan safety loop blade and hoof pick. Polly is barefoot behind and after cleaning it, Kelly filed it with one of our radius rasps for the first time.  She had never dreamt doing something like that herself before!

Two feet down, two to go! Kelly cleaned, inspected and rubbed the off hind too!

Kelly sets the off front foot up gently into the cradle position

Ready to get going on the last foot and Polly continues to be relaxed and cooperative!

The job will be done soon, but… hold on! Kelly has found something with the hoof pick!

It’s a nasty piece of bull wire from a fence trapped below the shoe!

Yes! It was at least 50mm long with a nasty right angle twist near one end!

Polly was not showing any discomfort (so far) But if the wire had stayed a day or two longer and twisted, it had the potential for causing really serious damage!

Polly was very lucky that Kelly was keen to learn to work on all 4 hooves!

Kelly’s decision saved Polly from serious injury and time out of service  and the St Patricks way trekking centre a costly vet’s bill!!

Leo, St. Patrick’s Way stables owner realised how important it was  to check all feet thoroughly and regularly and how easy it was to use the stand.

Read the Detailed report on groom Kellie’s first lesson in the Finnegan techniques and equipment here

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