Double Handed Safety Loop Blade Hoof pick

Double Handed Safety Loop Blade Hoof pick 

Our double handed safety loop blade hoof picks are made using a corrugated loop blade  that gives great strength and ease of use in either hand. The angle and width of the loop are designed to work as a guide to safely scrape the sole area and clean out either side of the frog area correctly. This keeps both sides of the frog open to avoid entrapment of debris and infections such as thrush.

The safely radiused point of the pick side  is used in a downward motion  to remove most of the dirt/debris from the foot before scrapping  with the opposite safe edge of the loop blade. This simplifies the operation and the two  handed hold works well for either right or left-handed handlers in each direction.

The loop design makes our blades safer than standard blades to keep those new to cleaning and light trimming risk-free. For best results, we recommend a two hand grip approach and the use of light gloves.  

Our two-handed design also allows those with smaller hands the extra strength and control to clean and trim safely.

I have tested an extensive range and grades of metals over many years of research to be able to produce these very cost-effective, high-performance blades.

With a minimum of training from your trimmer or farrier, you can soon learn to carry out the  routine cleaning and inspecting feet before working your animals. Frogs grow stronger, denser and more effective with regular cleaning, light scrapping . 

Much more understanding of the benefits of all this routine maintenance work is published, and easily available to study, you can read more here in the responsible horse owner booklet titled Caring for your horse’s feet

Anyone can safely, with proper care and support, learn to help their horses feet be the best they can be. Little and often and knowing the goal posts and learning to observe and appreciate the steady improvements is key to it all.